Homestead Mailing List Volume One – ISO


A compilation of the messages from the Homestead Mailing list, from 28 August 2000 through 28 February 2003.

This compilation includes over 6,000 messages with over 2,000 subjects from about 280 authors.

Some of the topics include Maurice Randall’s information about CMD products (as well as updates from his trip to collect these items), detailed Wave, Wheels and HD-DOS messages. CLIPS/JOS and WINGS information, lots of hardware assistance, and history as it happened as Jeri Ellsworth’s 24bit video card became the C= One.

The Homestead Volume One CD includes messages in HTML format, including an index file and messages sorted by Author, Date, Subject and Thread. Files are also in TEXT format sorted by Year and Month. The majority of these messages are in text format, except for when the original sender used HTML instead of plain text to send their Email. In addition to the text files are gziped archives of the same text files. This was automatically created by the mailing list software to make downloading an entire months worth of messages easier and faster. We’ve included these for completeness as each archive is also listed in the index.html file. Last, one large file in “mbox” format holds all of the Email messages in Volume One. This format is used by UNIX/Linux style Email
programs and can also be useful for searching specific topics.

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