The LOADSTAR Collection

Windows Ready

The LOADSTAR YEARS COLLECTION comes Windows Ready — with an illustrated menu for each year. Each collection has the LOADSTAR Library database for included issues — plus Mr.Edstar, our handy text editor.



Just click the desired issue, and the Versatile Commodore Emulator (VICE) will take you back in time for the very best software of the Golden Age of Independent Programming.

Printer Preview Feature

You can even print a hard copy of any text file in an issue through our exclusive Printer Preview feature. Your text is displayed (in a moment or so), ready to save as a TXT file, send to your printer, or cut and paste to your favorite word processor.

D81 Format

Every issue as been “digitally remastered” and is preserved in a D81 disk image file (for enthusiasts with real C-64s).


The LOADSTAR Year Collector’s Case” is a Windows menu that presents any and all years in your collection for easy access. The Collector’s Case includes the entire LOADSTAR Library database. Search all 240 issues by the program or author’s name, category, or issue contents — with the results displayed on the screen or sent to Printer Preview.

The Collector’s Case is FREE, and you only need to download it once. It self-adapts to whichever Years are in your collection — even if you add them later.

Also available as an optional FREE  download is our “Quick Guide to LOADSTAR on your PC“. This is a short, but invaluable guide for those that are unfamiliar with VICE key bindings.

All free downloads are listed in your Email so you can download them when you download your purchase.

Cheaper by the Dozen!

The more Loadstar Years you buy, the cheaper they are!  Our discounts are as follows:

Qty Discounts:

Buy 2 Years Get 25% off
Buy 3-8 Years Get 50% off
Buy 9-13 Years Get 62% off
Buy 14-19 Years Get 68% off
Buy 20+ Years Get 75% off

* Discounts may vary based on options above

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