TIFCU: The Internet for Commodore C64 /128 Users


The Internet for Commodore C64 / 128 Users was written by Gaelyne R. Gasson, and first published in 1996.  This is the PDF version of the 3rd and final edition.

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There are two PDF versions available.

For those that wish to replicate the printed version, choose ‘Exact PDF Copy‘.

The ‘PDF Layout‘ version has been reformatted specifically for electronic viewing. All of the chapters and subheadings have been made into PDF “bookmarks”, internal chapter references have been made into links, and many of the URL’s mentioned in the book have been turned into web links.

PDF files are best viewed with Adobe’s Acrobat reader (PC or MAC). Linux PDF readers are also available.

After payment has been received you will be able to download the file by clicking on the ‘download’ link that will become visible on the view order page, (accessible from “My Account”) , or from the link you receive in Email.

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